Lydia Violin Studio



Studio Policies for Lydia Miller




Cancellations/Make-Up Lessons

If a student misses his or her lesson, make-ups will only be offered if the student (or the student's driver) is sick, there is a family emergency, or for severe weather. I will do my best to reschedule lessons due to the aforementioned reasons that same week or the following week, if my schedule allows. Otherwise, there is a scheduled make-up lesson each semester, as noted on the calendar.

I understand that at times, exceptions must be made. These exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me as soon as you know there is a conflict.


You have a few options when recognizing a potential conflict:

  1. You may contact another student (who takes the same length of lesson time as you) and ask them to switch lesson times with you for the week. If this switch is agreed upon, please be sure to contact me (via phone or email) to let me know of the change. A list with current student names and phone numbers will be provided at the beginning of the fall semester.
  2. If you are unable to negotiate a swap with another student, you may contact me. However, with my tight schedule, I cannot guarantee that I will have extra time, but will do my best to find an alternate lesson time for you.


Studio Conduct


1.  Use the restroom and wash hands before your lesson.

2.  Make sure fingernails are clipped.

3.  No chewing gum during lessons.

4.  No cell phone use in the studio � please silence your phone before entering the studio. This includes parents! It is very disruptive when parents answer phone calls during lessons.



Lesson Materials


1.  Violin � double check that your violin is in your car before leaving your house

2.  All music books necessary for your lesson

3.  Lesson notebook � either a parent or I will take notes during the student�s lesson